Is Now—You Guessed It—Another Porn Pinterest

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When the domain sold for the ungodly sum of $13 million dollars, we assumed that the new owners had something special in mind. Something that would revolutionize the already enjoyable activity of watching porn. Behold! The future of porn is... another porn Pinterest?

To be honest, we're a little disappointed that is just a virtual pinboard for all of awesome porn you discover on the internet. Given the tendency of Pinterest-style sites to proliferate, it's not even the first such pinboard we've seen! Pornterest already exists, although, the interface on does feature a "Videos Only" sort option, which is sure to excite some people. This option also basically turns the board into a free streaming porn site like the millions of others on the internet. (Or so I've heard.) That also means that as with other porn sites you should be careful because they've been known to be used by crooks to blast your computer full of malware.


The weirdest part is's weirdly positive vision of the world. From the site's about page: is connecting porn lovers from all over the world through shared taste & interests. We think that your favorite videos, pictures or pornstars can reveal a common link with others who share the same interests. Our goal is to create a better free porn world by connecting everyone in the world through the porn they love. Enjoy!


Peace and love through free porn? Not even we can find a way to hate on that. [TechCrunch]

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Ah, I had just heard the word "sex" around 1999 for the first time. Coincidentally, that was the same year my family bought a computer. Not knowing what Google was, wanting to know what sex meant, and not understanding exactly how the internet worked, I thought that adding .com to the end of a word would tell you what the word meant. To say the least, I found out what sex meant.