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Taco Bell, By the Numbers

Illustration for article titled Taco Bell, By the Numbers

Here at Gizmodo, we have a real vested interest in the nacho cheese-dusted enigma that is Taco Bell. Well, this year, Taco Bell turns 50. So, in honor of that most milestoney of ages, here's a look at her latest figures:


Facts on Snacks
• Employees: 150,000 team members
• Restaurants: 5,600, nationwide
• Tacos served per year: 2 billion
• Burritos served per year: 1 billion
• Average customer's visiting frequency: every 11 days
• Amount of raw materials consumed each year: 3.8 billion corn taco shells/flour tortillas, 105 million pounds of fresh lettuce, 47 million pounds of pinto beans, 288 million pounds of Seasoned Ground Beef and 111 million pounds of cheese.
• Twitter followers: 175,000 (who are you people?)

Happy birthday, old girl. May you keep us in sourcreamy comas for another frightening 50 years ahead. [FoodBeast - Image via Mike Flippo/Shutterstock]

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Taco Bell is bad food. The ingredients are substandard, the meat is suspect, and the cheese should probably be spelled with a Z. Having said that, I eat it anyway because, god help me, it's delicious- there's nothing quite like bad food to elevate your mood. On this 4/20 I think everyone can appreciate the beauty of the Bell, and I will most likely be appreciating it even more around midnight tonight.