The Tokyo Institute of Technology's New Innovation Building Is Entirely Covered in Solar Panels

Illustration for article titled The Tokyo Institute of Technologys New Innovation Building Is Entirely Covered in Solar Panels

The Tokyo Institute of Technology, largely considered Japan's most prestigious university, has unveiled on its campus an impressive new building that is almost self-sustaining in its power use. The Environment and Energy Innovation Building in Meguro Ward features solar panels all along its exterior facade and on its roof––4,500 panels in all, with a total capacity of 650 kilowatts, plus another 100 kilowatts of fuel cells!

But what does this mean, you ask? What it means is, the seven-story tall structure (which has an additional two basement levels below ground) uses half the power of a "normal", non-green building of the same size.

So, as soon as we outfit the all rest of Earth's structures similarly, we'll be good to go! [The Asahi Shimbun via Far East Gizmos]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

It's sad that even a building covered entirely by solar panels can only be 50% self sustaining. I wish solar power was able to be more efficient.