Sephora's New Site Is Crack for Beauty Junkies

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Shopping for makeup should be fun. And it should not happen at Amazon. It's unnatural to buy your mascara at the same place where you lock in low prices for monthly toilet paper delivery. Happily, Sephora's website makeover ensures that you won't be tempted to mix eyeshadow with MP3 downloads.


The revamp has been three years in the making, and the result the best-organized search for beauty products on the web. Every one of Sephora's 15,000 products now carries 25 tags (type of product, color, skin type it's for, etc). The company has perfected its in-store app-powered scanning capabilities as well/ its iPhone and iPad apps pull up pricing, stock, and reviews. Your mobile and in-store shopping baskets, wish lists, and shopping history are now synched, and you can check the app before you head out the door to make sure they've got that Illamasqua nail polish you're coveting in "scorn."

"We finally have this mini computer in our handbags and it's really the bridge between online and offline," Julie Bornstein, senior vice president for Sephora's digital operations told me.

Another reason Sephora is a better place to shop beauty products: It has the high-end, luxurious brands other outlets don't. You'll find, for example, Dior's wonderful bronzers. Chloe has a rollerball perfume that smells, if the desription is any indication, delicious. And don't you want to know what the folks at Bremenn Research Labs have up their sleeves? Don't worry: If you impulse buy and have no clue what to do with your tangerine tango eyeliner, Sephora has a slew of new video tutorials for just such an occasion.

And the feature we've all been waiting for: You can pin every last nail file and Kabuki brush to Pinterest. [Sephora]




This is great news for my Saturday night persona.

When Mr. NorwoodIsMyHero because Ms. NorwoodIsMyHero for karaoke he/she likes to look fabulous!

A well designed Sephora site is just what I was looking for!

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