How to Send Secret Encrypted Text Messages on Your iPhone

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Sexting on your iPhone or plotting out an illicit relationship via SMS is pretty convenient except for one thing: if someone sees your phone, you're screwed, embarrassed and exposed. Black SMS is an app that'll encrypt your messages so you never have to worry about getting caught.


Here's how it works. When you download the Black SMS app, you attach a password to your message and then type whatever you'd like into the app. Once the message is complete, hit Send and the app will automatically open your SMS app. Paste the message and the recipient (and everyone else) will only see a black text bubble. SECRET AND ENCRYPTED BLACK TEXT BUBBLE, that is. The person on the receiving end then copies the black bubble and unlocks the message by pasting it into Black SMS with the password. If it sounds convoluted, well, it is. But hey, keeping secrets ain't easy.

Black SMS also offers options to send messages through e-mail or as a link but it's not nearly as mischievous as having a black bubble pop up in your messages. What can the black bubble hold! What does she want to tell me? Am I about to get lucky The app costs a buck but if you're the type of person that needs encryption in messages, it's totally worth it. One big downer? No pictures so uh, no real sexting. Woo with words, baby, woo with words. [iTunes via Cult of Mac]


John Goodson

This will pretty much just be used for cheating on your significant other.