Neil DeGrasse Tyson Made James Cameron Update the Stars in Titanic 3D

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No one asked James Cameron to trot out Titanic again with an annoying 3D makeover. But at least this time around the stars in scenes where the night sky is visible will all be in the right place.


A few years ago physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked a question about bad science in movies, and he referenced several shots in the supposedly scientifically-accurate Titanic where the stars were all in the wrong place given it was 1912.

But instead of just throwing his hands up in scientific disgust and letting it go, over the years Tyson occasionally harassed James Cameron about the inaccuracies. And according to The Telegraph, even sent him a snarky email claiming Cameron should have known better.

And since James Cameron is obviously a fan of science and a stickler for details when it comes to filmmaking, while doing the 3D conversion for Titanic he went the extra mile and had several scenes updated to reflect the accurate position of stars in the sky as they would have been seen 100 years ago. We would also liked to have seen him remove another star from the film, namely Celine Dion, and that overplayed song the world had successfully forgotten many years ago. You dropped the ball on that one Dr. Tyson. [The Telegraph & Moviefone via SlashGear]


Michael Scrip

I thought they were talking about updating the stars... by replacing Leo and Kate...

Funny how my mind works sometimes...