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Google Is Pathetically Asking You to Thank People Who've Used Google+

Well, this is officially sad, desperate, and annoying! Google+ is now reminding us that we have no manners, and ought to thank the people who have liked (probably by accident) a link via the abandoned social network. Oh my goodness!

Illustration for article titled Google Is Pathetically Asking You to Thank People Whove Used Google+

Now that Google is interfering with search results by jamming Plus data into our esophaguses, we have a proper way to express our gratitude. There's a convenient, distracting little link next to the distorted site in question that'll let you automatically thank your pal for playing an unwitting in the gradual suckening of Google. There's not even a question mark next to the proposition. You're commanded to thank. Thank the person. Thank them. And thank us too.


Thank you, beneficent Google. But first, a thanks to our friend. Once clicked, the link gives you a sample message: "Your +1 helped me find this. Thank you!"

Thank you for helping me use the internet, person. Thank you. Thanks. Thanks for your +1—I'm not sure what websites I'd be looking at without it. Remember the internet before the +1? No. How did we get around? How did we find websites? Thank you.

Be sure to add extra people to the thank you message, as Google offers, because that makes total sense. In the case of this Kindle Fire review, I'm going to also thank myself for writing it, my editor Joe Brown for editing it, Amazon for selling it, Jeff Bezos just for being an all around cool cat, God, the Academy, my makeup artist, my friends back home, and all the haters who pushed me hard and made me who I am today. Thank you. Thank you all. I'm sorry I've been such an ingrate up until now.


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