These Kids Are Building a Battlestar Galactica Viper

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They are a group of five high school students from Marin and San Francisco. They build projects for MakerFaire before and now they want to do something really amazing: build a full BSG Viper simulator with 360-degree motion in all directions.


And you can help them!

These kids are amazing. They found a Piper fuselage in an airplane scrap yard, cut it and installed a racing seat inside with a six-point harness. They used Autodesk Inventor to create the frame for the motion and asked a professional welding to put it together according to their specs.

Right now they are developing the software themselves putting the controllers and the motors needed to make it "fly." The simulator will have three front screens, control joystick, thrusters, and a fully working cockpit simulating the one in the real Battlestar Galactica Vipers. It's quite amazing, but they need your help. It's only a $2,500 goal, so this can be easily achieved. Pass it around, because I want to be able to fly this thing at MakerFaire this year. [Kickstarter—Thanks Cassandra!]



For the software, all they ned to do is grab a copy of "BSG: Beyond The Red Line" (which is based off of FreeSpace 2) for free off the internet and they'll at least be set on one of the harder things that might need to be done. I will follow this endeavour with great interest.