Robot Golf Caddy Follows You Like an R2-D2 Puppy

Golfing is the opposite of hard work, but that hasn't stopped golfers from getting this absurdly cool automated CaddyTrek golf caddy, which sorta looks like a lawnmower crossed with a go-cart.


The CaddyTrek is water-resistant, lasts for 27 holes or 10 miles on a 2-hour charge, weighs about 40 pounds, and costs $1,600. CaddyTrek can be controlled by remote control, but the really cool part is how it automatically follows you around. It works by using "sensors" to detect obstacles and track and follow the user. But the specifics are a bit of a mystery. From the official FAQ page:

How does FTR CaddyTrek follow me? Will it cut corners and fall into water hazards or bunkers when I walk around water hazards or bunkers?

FTR CaddyTrek follows you faithfully everywhere directly behind you. It turns when you turn, it follows around the corner when you walk around the corner. It follows the best when you keep it closely and directly behind you with 2-3 yards.

OK then!

But the how is sort of beside the point, isn't it? This is like when NASA happened into better athletic design with its space suits. Imagine all the things in life that would be so, so, so much better if they were made into an automated robot follower. Why isn't there luggage like this? Coolers, hors d'oeuvres, your computer in the bathroom, cleaning supplies, backpacks, strollers, shopping carts and bags. This could be the beginning of a renaissance in lazy, unhealthy human behavior. It's all very exciting. [CaddyTrek, Golf Cart Place via CNET]



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