Why Doesn't the New iPad Allow FaceTime Over LTE?

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The new iPad is, by all reports, smokin' hot. What better way to make the most of its new LTE capabilities and amazing Retina display than telling somebody about it over FaceTime? Sorry, you're out of luck; the iPad still doesn't allow FaceTime over cellular networks.


The Verge has confirmed that Apple's latest offering blocks FaceTime when using an LTE connection, instead prompting the user to connect to a WiFi network. Which is odd, because according to Tech Crunch's iPad review, its LTE connection can muster blisteringly quick 40 Mbps download and 20 Mbps uploads speeds. That's faster than most home WiFi networks.


When FaceTime was launched for iPhone in 2010, Steve Jobs said "FaceTime's going to be Wi-Fi only in 2010. We need to work a little bit with the cellular providers to get ready for the future, so we're Wi-Fi only in 2010." The future is not here yet. So what gives? One word: providers. [The Verge]

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Why Doesn’t the New iPad Allow FaceTime Over LTE?

Easy, Cause Apple doesn't let you FaceTime over LTE.

What's that? But you want to FaceTime on LTE? Too bad.

Yet another example of Apple making choices for all of it's users.