This Nixed Charlie Sheen Superbowl Ad Totally Makes Me Want to Do Drugs and Drive a Fiat

Normally when someone quits/gets fired from the number one sitcom in the country, goes on a months-long bender, and proceeds to lose his shit in front of the entire Internet, he ends up living under a freeway. But not Charlie Sheen. He leverages that situation into a meme, increased stardom, and this commercial for a Fiat 500 Abarth. Damn, he's good.


This ad, "House Arrest," was apparently a finalist for the coveted Superbowl spot though Chrysler opted for the "Seduction" ad featuring Catrinel Menghia's. As Jalopnik posits, Sheen's ad may have been deemed "too hot for the Superbowl."

This Superbowl being the one where everybody got offended for seeing an extended middle finger but completely ignored the obvious grave-robbing exploits necessary to reanimate Madonna's mummified remains for the Halftime Show. So what, I suppose seeing a Fiat power sliding through the halls of a fake mansion plus one sexually suggestive pun is unacceptable but Necromancy is all well and good for the American viewing public? [Youtube via Business insider]


The seduction ad was a total winner, way better than this. I am glad they didn't neuter it, too. I've seen the cut/neutered version on various channels since the Superbowl, and it just doesn't have the same cinematic quality. I thought I was seeing a trailer for a new movie at first.