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Bet Real Money on iPad 3 Predictions

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Are you tired of going all Zapruder on every piece of Apple minutiae and discussing it in public forums? Now you can put your money where your mouth is. Then, take the money out of there and make a bet.


Will the iPad 3 have a Retina Display? If you say yes, that's one to eight right now. No goes for nine to two. It seems that everyone is counting on Retina. Will the display be a Samsung-made AMOLED display? If you say yes, that could get you an eight to one, although that probably will not happen.


But where the hell did this carbon fiber backplate came from? Or the NFC chip? No idea, but you can bet on that too. No mention to the potential lack of a physical home button, though.

Here's the rest of the bets you can make at Skybet. I'm sure there are other places, but I don't like betting with money. Only with porridge and jam. [Skybet]

Illustration for article titled Bet Real Money on iPad 3 Predictions

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It not being called the iPad 2S pays out 9/2? There has to be some catch as that name makes no sense.

The S has been used for marginal upgrades in the past. I don't consider these changes a marginal upgrade:

doubled resolution


faster processor

better cameras