Rick Santorum Woos Voters with Apple-Inspired 1984 Ad

Apple's 1984 Super Bowl ad is incredible. I still get the shivers every time I see it, which is probably why Rick Santorum's campaign is trying to use it to rally the people against Mitt Romney. But what exactly is Santorum's revoltution?


James Fallows noticed the parallels between the two ads and you've got to admit they're pretty obvious—even if their conclusions are slightly out of sync. In Apple's ad mindless drones march towards their destiny of unfullfilling computing experiences guided by the dictatorial voice of a big brother figure. A golden haired athletic woman runs towards the figure, shatters his image with a hammer and liberates humanity from the boredom of humdrum IBM.

In the Santorum ad, the mindless drones are voters marching one by one off a cliff like lemmings, blindly following Mitt Romney's message. Romney placards are everywhere. Then our savoir appears, except this time she's more of a mom than a marathoner. She runs to the front of the line except, instead of shattering the image that was there before, she installs Santorum's. The revolution, it seems, only means following someone different. [The Atlantic]


Mikael Siirilä

From our European perspective Republican America looks like a Christian Saudi-Arabia and very 1984... if not 1884.