Will Facebook Mobile Ads be Here by March?

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Last week's IPO filing was bound to see Facebook push for extra revenue, and it is. The Financial Times reports that Zuckerberg is bringing ads to mobile devices in the next two months.

Facebook's public offering brings with it extra responsibility, and it seems a reaction is to find extra revenue sources. The most obvious solution is to take adverts to the mobile version of the social network — something that has been conspicuous in its absence until now.


The Financial Times reports that several individuals familiar with Facebook's planning say that it has been in discussions with advertising agencies about displaying "featured stories" in the news feed on mobile devices. They go on to suggest that they could arrive by early March, ahead of Facebook's initial public offering.

In last week's filing, Facebook openly admitted that it doesn't create much revenue from mobile devices:

We do not currently directly generate any meaningful revenue from the use of Facebook mobile products, and our ability to do so successfully is unproven.


It looks like they're attempting to make something meaningful happen. Expect huge outcry from Facebook users, swiftly followed by bitter resignation which slowly morphs into ambivalence. [Financial Times; Image: Johan Larsson]

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My dream is to create a hugely accurate and very successful ad blocking company. This company will provide free ad blocking services and will be the bestest of its kind.

Then one day. when everyone uses it, we will go public, making IT the largest IPO ever.

Then we'll be forced to generate extra revenue and then I got nothing.


I guess it's kinda like that one time I had an idea about writing a self-help book to get rid of the dependence on self-help books.