Tom Brady Watched Last Year's Super Bowl with an Illegal Stream

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Tom Brady—Patriots QB, NFL boy of gold, Gisele's hubby and Uggs slanger—is in the Super Bowl this year so he doesn't have to worry about where to watch the game. Last year though, Brady didn't play in the Super Bowl and had to watch it at home like the rest of us. What did he do? Well, Brady fired the game on an illegal stream off the Internet. Brady! He's just like us.

In a media session, Brady said:

"Last year, I was rehabbing my foot in Costa Rica watching the game on an illegal Super Bowl website and now I'm actually playing in the game, so it's pretty cool"


Okay, I guess he was in Costa Rica so he's not exactly like us but I'm very familiar with those fuzzy streams hanging out in the darker areas of the internets! I'm surprised Brady is too, actually. Did he Google it himself? Does he have a preferred website for this? Maybe a friend suggested the idea? Or was it Gisele? Who knows! It's just funny to think about one of the best quarterbacks of all time (one with millions of moolah) cursing at his internet connection for freezing up and trolling in the comments saying things like PATRIOTS RUULE!!!1.

Oh and the funny thing is the NFL actually hates these illegal streams and was a big supporter of SOPA because of them. Take that you happyness-sucking suits! [Masslive via Sports Grid]

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Tom Brady can be the new poster child for telling SOPA supporters to STFU and spend resources on creating more legitimate streaming / media sources instead of trying to choke the life out of the internet. If they spent half their energy on creating instead of destroying we'd have some new stuff to check out. Fat cats getting fatter.