New BlackBerry Campaign Is Proof RIM Has Entirely Lost It

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Say hello to The Bold Team. Sadly, this animated foursome is RIM's attempt to capture the youth market. They urge the younger generation to "Be Bold". Something tells me it won't work.

This pink and purple mess looks a bit like an advertising executive just vomited his late-night cocktail onto a page and presented it to RIM. "That'll do," he probably thought. "They're shafted anyway."

Update: This was only a blog post, not an ad campaign.

The Bold Team are "bravely stepping out of 2011 and into 2012 filled with unlimited possibilities." If you care to know more about RIM's answer to the Power Rangers, there are four of them. You want a quick run through their biographies? Sure, there's:

GoGo Girl, The Achiever: "Saving the day with a brilliant strategy"
Justin Steele, The Advocate: "Always ready to stick up for his friends"
Trudy Foreal, The Authentic: "Not afraid to call it as she sees it".
Max Stone, The Adventurer: "Able to jump out of a plane…"


Presumably Max Stone is inspired by the RIM employees who got drunk on that plane. [Mobile Syrup via Pocket Lint]


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This may be because I live up in Waterloo, Canuckia, but BlackBerries are about 75% as popular is iPhones and 3x as popular as Androids. BlackBerry users over here also swear by them, even though most the people I see are high school grads + university students.

That being said, BB is falling behind in innovation.