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Your iPad Breathes Life Into Totoya's Plush Creatures

Illustration for article titled Your iPad Breathes Life Into Totoyas Plush Creatures

Designed to be a soft interactive toy for kids, rather than a protective case for your tablet, Totoya's plush creatures completely swallow and protect your iPad while providing a peek at its display through a couple of strategic holes.


Instead of plastic googly eyes, an accompanying free Totoya app creates a set of more life-like peepers that are visible through the creature's larger cutout. While a set of easy-to-reach buttons are visible through a smaller hole situated somewhere near their heart, allowing kids to reach in and trigger interactive elements like sound effects.


It's another attempt to make the iPad toddler-friendly, and the case looks like it's more than capable of protecting your tablet from the rigors and abuse of a wee one. The iPad versions (pictured above) are called YetYet and Robotto and are both available now for $80. While smaller iPhone versions called YetX and RobX are a little cheaper at $50. And if you were wondering, the answer is yes, I typed 'Toyota' instead of 'Totoya' about 100 times while writing this. [Totoya via PSFK]

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After watching the video I was left with the distinct impression that these are being marketed towards hipsters. I think the shiny one comes a with a pack of candy american spirits.