Are the Next Great Windows Phones Landing March 18th?

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Two of the phones we're looking forward to more than anything else in this wide world are the Nokia 900 and the Mechagodzilla Titan II. BGR says it's got the word on the phones' due dates (and prices). Gulp.

According to a "trusted source," the two solid handsets will both arrive on March 18th—the Titan II with a $200 price tag, and the 900 at $100. The former isn't any surprise, as that's just as much as the current Titan costs. But the Lumia 900 at a hundred bucks? That's pretty nuts. This is supposed to be the flagship Windows Phone out of Nokia—a platform it's betting its Finnish balls on. Clearly, the priority here is to get as many 900s into human hands as possible—we just hope they don't come off as too chintzy to pique desire.


Of course, these are rumors, and as rumors tend to, could end up not being true. We'll find out soon-ish either way. [BGR]

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Your title is misleading, making the reader assume the first Windows Phones were great. That's like saying we're looking forward to reading the next great propositions in SOPA.