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Nearly 1 Million iPhone 4S and iPad 2s Jailbroken in Three Days

Illustration for article titled Nearly 1 Million iPhone 4S and iPad 2s Jailbroken in Three Days

The iPhone Dev team just released numbers for the Absinthe A5 jailbreak. According to the site, 953,232 new jailbreaks were recorded. That's a whole lotta hacking.


Absinthe A5 was released Friday months after A5-powered iPhone 4S and iPad 2 first hit the market. The CPU was actually the main reason why the hack was a bit more difficult to pull off than previous jailbreaks. And if you're worried that spying tools are the reason why the Dev Team knows how many devices have been jailbroken, you can rest assured that's not the case.

The reason these number can be so precise is that one of the housekeeping activities that happens when you launch Cydia is a query to @saurik's server for the list of available SHSH blobs. (Even if you have none on file, the query is still made).


Initially the tool was OS X only, but now that a Windows version of the tool is available, expect that number to grow even more. [Dev-Team]

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Kind of says something when that many people hack an OS that quickly.

But I guess we're not allowed to criticize Apple's OS or practices on this site. lol We can only state news as is for them.

Actually I'll go ahead and say it. Apple's OS sucks. It's sucked since 2009 and it sucked before that. There's little innovation in it, and the restrictions that Apple imposes on users and developers is mind boggling.

I'm not saying other OS's is better, I'm not. I'm sure Windows is worse in this regards and Google being not as bad, but still stupid in some regards.

In fact, I hate the concept of all current mobile OS's being a closed system. Why hasn't anyone made a mobile OS like Windows or OSX where you can install whatever you want. Why does it seem that no one wants that?

Why does it all have to be a closed system and controlled with an iron fist?

Why do people have to hack their systems just to do what they want with it?

We're taking a massive step back with mobile OS's and it's very concerning.

It's only a matter of time before Windows OS and OSX end up completely closed with programs only allowed to be installed if approved in loaded up in to the companies respective app stores. It would go well with the Internet being censored.