LiveShell Video Streamer Turns Your Life Into The Truman Show

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Everyone deserves to see the exciting life you live right? So why make them wait until you can get to a PC to upload your everyday antics when this LiveShell pushes everything from your video camera to Ustream in real-time?

Powered by three AA batteries which will keep it running for up to three hours, the LiveShell connects to the video output of your camcorder via HDMI, or an old-school composite connection. It then connects to Ustream over a wi-fi network, ethernet cable, or even a mobile router, without the need for a PC in the mix.

However, because the LiveShell only has a small LCD display for basic status information, configuring the streamer and adjusting settings like video quality is accomplished via a web interface, or using an accompanying iPhone app. While it's the perfect tool for exhibitionists, the handy HDMI connection means it can be just as easily connected to a DVD player or other video source, letting you skip all that FCC crap and set up your own TV station. It's not the first live streaming solution to let you do this, but at just $300 it's certainly one of the cheapest. [LiveShell via Dvice]

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You can do the same with an iPhone. Maybe with less quality, but you can't stream really high quality over 3G, so the iPhone (and many other smartphones) is enough.