Intel's CPU Insurance Is an Overclocker's Wet Dream

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Overclocking processors used to be extremely nerdy, but if anything it's becoming more common these days. For those intent on squeezing performance from their chip, Intel's new CPU insurance means getting it wrong needn't be that expensive.

Overclocking a CPU does bring performance increases, but it also brings extra heat which can damage the chip if you're not careful. That's why Intel is now offering a Performance Tuning Protection Plan for five of its CPUs, which bolts on additional coverage for overclocked processors on top of their standard 3-year warranty.

You can buy the insurance any time within a year from purchase, and the policy lasts three years. So, burn your chip out from overclocking, and it's replaced free of charge. Insurance is available for five unlocked processors, and the cost varies by model as follows:

Core i7 3960X ($35)
Core i7 3930K ($35)
Core i7 2700K ($25)
Core i7 2600K ($25)
Core i5 2500K ($20)


It seems pretty cheap. But then, maybe that means Intel doesn't expect to have to replace many. [Intel via CNET]

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Nice! I'm receiving my 2500K today so buying this would be a great idea. And the prices are not bad at all.