A Smart Cover For Your iPhone That's Not Quite As Smart

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When the iPad 2 was announced, its most exciting new feature was a folding Smart Cover/stand that made iPhone users a little jealous. Until the TidyTilt becomes available, since it includes the same functionality, but on a smaller scale—mostly.


Like the Smart Cover, the TidyTilt attaches to your iPhone and can be rolled up to form a stand that holds it in a landscape or portrait orientation. And when not in use it also serves as a handy headphone cable wrap.

But unlike the Smart Cover, the TidyTilt isn't designed to protect the iPhone's screen, or automatically unlock it when opened. In fact, in order to get it to magnetically stick to the iPhone, you'll need to attach an included backing which adds a thin strip of metal around the perimeter of the back of your phone.


The TidyTilt started life as a Kickstarter project, and had no problem blowing past its $10,000 funding goal with 26 days still left to raise money. Which means you'll probably be able to get your hands on one some day, if you haven't already pledged the $19 for a pre-order. [TidyTilt via Fancy]

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