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Ultra-High Definition Displays Coming to Macs—More Proof

Illustration for article titled Ultra-High Definition Displays Coming to Macs—More Proof

Screenshots of Mac OS X 10.7.3 developer builds have revealed what we already suspected: ultra-high definition Macs are coming. This Get Info window capture reveals a HIDPI (Hi-Dots-Per-Inch) mode checkbox that may come in the next update of Apple's desktop OS.


The checkbox would open any application using the special high definition screen mode needed to support new hardware. Instead of using low resolution interface elements, Mac OS X would use assets with double the pixel resolution of the current ones. This means that, if you are using new Retina-like displays, the relative resolution will double, making everything twice as sharp while retaining the same absolute size in the screen.


This supports the rumor that a new 15" MacBook may have a 2880 x 1800-pixel screen early next year. The option box has disappeared from the last Mac OS X developer build, version 11D36.

Like always, take all rumors with a grain of salt. Nobody knows for sure when these ultra-high definition may come. [MacRumors]

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This feels like a useless feature to me. I understand higher pixel density on an iPhone or iPad since my face is so much closer to the display, but on a desktop it doesn't seem like I'd benefit much from it. Feels like a feature for feature sake.