How to Sidestep this SOPA Nonsense Entirely

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Dislike this proposed SOPA legislation? Yeah, me too. But just because a few legislators are trying to make our internet lives more terrible doesn't mean we can't best them with a simple Firefox add-on. Enter DeSOPA.


The proposed legislation will apparently only block domain names, and not IP addresses. So a coder by the name of T Rizk put together this little hack that will automatically redirect you to the IP address when you enter the URL.

When turned on, DeSopa intercepts URLs, sends the base URL to three offshore DNS services via HTTP, makes a best effort to check that two of them are equivalent, caches the IP for the browser session, redirects to the equivalent URL using the IP, and substitutes out the domain name in the source code with the IP address for future requests.

So you know, when the government tries to go Orwellian on us, you'll know what to do in response. [DeSOPA via The Atlantic Wire]


Smurfette's dropkick

Would it be illegal for companies such as Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, and Apple to allow in-browser circumvention of SOPA (like this) in their browser? I doubt they would, anyways, but I'm still wondering where the law would sit in this situation.