Microsoft's Awesome SkyDrive Is on the iPhone Now (and Windows Phone)

Previously, if you weren't on Windows, you couldn't take full advantage of all the awesomeness that was in SkyDrive, Microsoft's neato cloud storage service. Not anymore! They've just released an iOS app that'll let you upload photos, files, documents and manage SkyDrive folders straight from your iPhone.


No longer trapped to's HTML5 website, Skydrive makes a whole lot more sense for people to use on the iPhone now. You get 25GB of storage for free, which is a good chunk of change and you can use it pretty much however you like (to no surprise, SkyDrive works well with Office files, other Live services, etc.). Unfortunately, there's no iPad version of the app yet.

There's also a native app for Windows Phone too which seems like a long time coming, actually! [iTunes via Windows Team Blog]


Does it offer any features above and beyond what Dropbox does? Just curious, I've never used SkyDrive.