Photoshop's Genius Shake Reduction Tool Fixes Blurry Shots Like Magic

Everyone who is not a good photographer is a bad photographer—a condition that's only made worse because we insist on documenting our lives with abysmal smartphone cameras. And of all of the terrible things that ruin photos, blur from shooting at slow shutter speeds is amongst the most common ailments. Photoshop to the rescue!


In advance of Adobe's forthcoming Max conference, the company just released a video previewing an upcoming shake reduction tool that will be added to Photoshop in the future. One click, and boom, it's fixed. On the left you've got before, on the right after:

Illustration for article titled Photoshops Genius Shake Reduction Tool Fixes Blurry Shots Like Magic

Not bad!

We don't know much about how the tool works just yet, but we're assuming there's a little more to it than just selecting it under the Filter>Sharpen menu. It can't possibly be as simple as it seems in the video, right? We can't wait to see what else Adobe has in store for us in the coming weeks. [PetaPixel]

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It's pretty amazing for what it does, but I wouldn't be caught dead framing a photo corrected that way. The sharpness is manufactured, not real, and it will always be obvious. It's either nice and sharp right out of the camera, or it's not a keeper.