Watch Eclectic Method Perform at Gizmodo Gallery LIVE at 8:30PM

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Show's over! Tonight night we're celebrating the launch of Gizmodo Gallery with an opening party, and we've invited A/V remix maestros the Eclectic Method to shower us with their electronic weirdness-and you can watch the performance at 8:30pm LIVE from the Gizmodo Gallery Santa Claw feed.


Eclectic Method and Gizmodo Gallery are a match made in geek heaven. We like multimedia nerdiness—they make multimedia nerdiness cool. (Someone had to.) And the one thing that can make batshit remixes of The Return of the Jedi set to convulsing electronic music even cooler? Lasers, of course. Gizmodo loves lasers. And above is lasers, plus Toy Story, plus George Clooney, Futurama, and yeah, Star Wars. You gotta watch this. Eclectic Method has more than 60 of these videos. Wow.

So Eclectic Method are coming by tomorrow night to hang out with us, and they're promising us a special surprise. We know for sure they'll performing a never before heard/seen mashup of cult pop culture references and palpitating electronica, but beyond that, we'll just have to wait and see.

And since you can't come to the party—-the list is full, sorry!—we're going to stream it live on this page. The stream will go live tomorrow at 7pm on this very post and the Eclectic Method will perform at Gizmodo Gallery tomorrow at 8PM. Check out BroBible and the Eclectic Method for more info at the Lasers Mixtape.


Gizmodo Gallery 2011 @ White Box
329 Broome Street. New York, NY, 10002

Read more about the Gizmodo Gallery here and follow @gizgallery on Twitter. Special thanks to Land Rover - without them, there would be no Gizmodo Gallery.




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