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The World's Largest Model Railroad Adds the World's Largest Model Airport

With expansions planned all the way to 2020, the world's largest model railroad just opened its latest addition: a 1,600-square-foot model airport, chock full of tiny aircraft support vehicles, hangers, terminals, and passengers.


Originally scheduled to open in 2009, it has taken more than six years to complete the $4,440,000+ expansion to Hamburg's Miniatur Wunderland. The airport includes remote-controlled planes taking, landing and taxiing to terminals and hangers. Plus, there are luggage carts and other support vehicles scurrying about the tarmac. If you've ever dabbled in model railroads, I recommend taking the time to watch their entire promo video, and then weep over the vastly inferior setup in your rec room. [YouTube via Neatorama]

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