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Microsoft Office Is Apparently Coming to the iPad

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Office Is Apparently Coming to the iPad

Getting excited about MS Office feels a little bit like racing home to do your taxes, but getting the full Office suite on the iPad—which The Daily reports is happening—would make a lot of sense.


Along with the iPad version of Office, the Lion version is scheduled to come out in late 2012, alongside the Windows 8 version. Office is already deeply and beautifully integrated into Windows Phone, and with Microsoft's push to get all your junk synced into something manageable with Office 365, it's only a natural fit for it to hit the biggest tablet platform. [The Daily]

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Serolf Divad

Office for the iPad is like a giant stake through the heart of Windows 8 before Windows 8 is even available. Office was Microsoft's only ace in the tablet hole. My assumption is that MS would leverage office to push Windows 8 tablets. But if iOS has Office, then there's no reason to buy a Windows 8 tablet. And if Microsoft releases Office for Android, I'm going out and buying an ASUS Transformer Prime the very next day.