Apple's Pro-Censorship Software Alliance Backs Down

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The Business Software Alliance, which includes tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Intel, has reversed its stance on the controversial (and awful!) Stop Online Piracy Act: now it doesn't like it. Good.


PC World relays the BSA's fortunate change of heart:

Valid and important questions have been raised about the bill. It is intended to get at the worst of the worst offenders. As it now stands, however, it could sweep in more than just truly egregious actors...Due process, free speech, and privacy are rights cannot be compromised.


True. However, this isn't a complete standdown—the BSA just says SOPA in its current form is untenable. Which is true, but opens the possibility of them supporting some weaker but still draconian version of the legislation. For the time being, however, the BSA and its constituents are on the right side of this. [BSA via PC World]

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"Apple's" does not mean ownership. I would say "John's college" and nobody would think I meant he owns the university. Apple is arguably the most prominent member of a business lobbying group most people would never recognize if I just wrote "BSA."