Apple's Recalled First Gen iPod Nanos Are Being Replaced With the Same Model

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Last weekend we reported that Apple was recalling some of their first generation iPod Nanos with concerns that the aging battery could overheat. And those of you hoping for an easy upgrade to the latest gen model will be disappointed.

Even though the recall warned users that it could take up to six weeks to get their replacement, some customers have already received them. And while a lot us had assumed that Apple would be swapping them out with the latest generation touchscreen model, that turns out not to be the case. According to a MacRumors reader who's already received their replacement, it looks like Apple is sending out first gen iPod Nano refurb units with a 90 day warranty.

I wanted to pass along some info about the iPod Nano exchange program Apple started over the weekend. I just received the replacement and it is an exact replacement. No upgrade. Same capacity and everything. The only upside is that it is "new" (probably refurbished), so it's clean in comparison to my old one.


You can probably also assume the replacement units are packing a fresh new battery, free of the defects that could cause the five year old model to overheat. It's certainly disappointing, but given the original Nanos could actually catch fire in worst case scenarios, it's probably still worth getting yours replaced. [MacRumors via iLounge]

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I wish Apple would open their stock of older products for sale. I'd like to have a first gen iPhone, someone stole mine.

I think this is very generous of Apple to replace these very old products and from what I have heard, the replacements look new so if you are replacing your Nano just for the battery, you're getting what looks like a new nano.