This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Marcel the Shell Returns!


If you're not familiar with Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, now is the perfect time to make an introduction. Former SNL cast member Jenny Slate lends her voice to the most adorable mollusk home around. Watch, and feel all warm and fuzzy and wonderful.

The rest of this week's top web comedy videos, including a Thanksgiving parade, a John Oliver interview, and Man on the Street who should find new employment, can be found over at Splitsider.

Other highlights from the week in comedy:

- NBC dropped Community from its midseason lineup! We despaired (can network comedies with long-term jokes even survive?), we bargained (we could all send NBC some chicken fingers!), we accepted (maybe it's not that big a deal). And we got some perspective by putting Community's ratings in context.


- After lots of hemming and hawing, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association finally let Ricky Gervais host the Golden Globes for the third and last time.

- Jack and Jill came out, to much fanfare. We spoke of the saga of the fake Jack and Jill Twitter account, we reviewed the movie itself, and we crossed our fingers that it'll break a Razzie record.

- We thanked you for your lovely thank-you card.

- We interviewed Molly McNearney, the co-head writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

- We scientifically determined which sitcom writer kicked Matthew Weiner's butt.

- We remembered Ana Gasteyer's time on SNL.

- We examined the work of prankster Maurizio Cattelan.

- We took a trip to Bhutan.

- We recommended the web series Clark Kent Has a Dream.

- We pondered the lost roles of Sarah Silverman.

- We cherished a rare Bill Murray sitcom appearance.

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