If You Are a Teacher, Please Don't Run Your Porn Sites on School Equipment

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Heidi Kaeslin, a special education teacher from Lincoln High School in Stockton, California is on paid leave for potential ethics violations after school officials discovered that she had been running a cadre of porn site on a school-issued laptop.

The schools resource officer, Richard Fields of the Stockton PD, is also under investigation for his involvement. Kaeslin declined to comment on the charges but Fields, who was a member of the SPD when the alleged activities occurred (he retired from the force in May), admitted his role but insisted that Kaeslin's involvement was limited. The school district has hired a computer forensics specialist to inspect the Apple laptop. His report is expected later this week and the district is expected to issue a ruling by the end of the year.

According to Chet Quaide, an attorney representing the district, the Stockton School Districts ethics code defines "unprofessional conduct," as actions that "involve jeopardy to student welfare; evidence malice, serious incompetency or bad judgment; or show a consistent pattern of misconduct." [Recordnet via Yahoo News - Top Image (not of Kaeslin or her sites): Kiselev Andrey Valerevich / Shutterstock]


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