This Gorgeous Mini Hydroponic Farm Turns Your Home into Pot and Produce Heaven

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Living in an apartment or any small home has its limitations—you can't blast your music, and you can't grow your own delicious things. But Windowfarms is a beautiful, simple fix—the magic of hydroponics, strapped to any ordinary window.

The Windowfarm rig is extremely simple—but its engineering is sophisticated. Each planter pod is fed with nutrient solution, fed quietly and automatically with a timer-set air pump. Liquid plant food and oxygen is hauled to the top, where it trickles down, from plant to plant, feeding each in turn. And because hydroponics essentially "bottle feeds" each plant (in the words of Windowfarm's Britta Riley), you're supercharging your growth. So yeah, you can pull of big heads of lettuce, bunches of herbs, and, uh, other herbs. All quietly, prettily, and without an ounce of dirt.

You can sling up a Windowfarm of your own—a full column with four pods that can hold a total of eight plants—for a Kickstarter special price of $99 ($120 after). Extra nutrient packs will cost around $12 depending on variety, and last around four months, depending on what you're growing. This is easily one of the loveliest arrangements of design and tech for humans—it's easily worth the Kickstarter support. [Windowfarms]


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Hydroponics is a pretty cool way to grow stuff for us urban folks. We had a few AeroGardens growing for a while and tracked the entire growth cycle here:[]

This WindowFarm idea is nice in that it will act both as curtains as well as a garden. Our only concern is with the amount of light. The AeroGarden comes with its own light source, this does not. Still, an interesting and attractive idea.