Will Google Music Launch Without 75 Percent of Major Labels?

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Google Music is supposed to launch tomorrow, but it is still hustling to ink deals with major record labels. According to Bloomberg, it's a high-wire act—Universal might even sign tomorrow. Cutting it awfully close aren't we Google?

It has been rumored for some time that Google would flex its user base for leverage in negotiating deals with the major record labels, but this is crazy. Google has implied it would launch without all of the majors on board, but if today's report is true, it would mean that Google still hasn't signed deals with three of the four biggies—even as Google is set to launch something music related at a press event tomorrow.


The last time we heard rumblings about this, Universal, which is the largest music conglomerate in the world, was on the list of likely partners for Google, and it appears it could be ready to sign the dotted line tomorrow before the event. But according to today's report, Sony Music and Warner Music Group—the two majors who had concerns before—are still holding out. EMI is the only major label to have a deal with Google Music. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

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Another reason why I avoid buying media from major labels and producers, it's exactly why I'm attracted to piracy, as well. Very few times I'll actually break out my wallet just to listen to music, watch a TV program or even a movie.

I'm fucking sick of these exclusive deals that producers put on the table for one company, but not another...if at all. Asking for insane royalties, holding out for a couple more people to buy the physical media, lock outs, overpriced re-releases, etc. A few exclusive companies control all of your streaming and downloadable media, they really have the market by the balls and it's all because the producers keep THEM on a tight leash. Movies: Netflix is about your only option, Music: itunes, TV shows, Hulu. A little bit of overlap, maybe a few other 'dealers', such as Zune and Amazon. It's like the drug industry.