You Can Pick Up eBay Buy-It-Now Purchases in Nearby Stores Now

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Waiting for stuff you buy online to show up at your door stinks, especially around the holidays. eBay's helping dial down the suck by letting its RedLaser app sell you items you can then pick up at local stores.

Earlier iterations of the service showed users the price of the items at nearby stores to use as comparisons, but if the brick and mortars won out, you couldn't just pay for the damn thing online—you had to drag your butt out there, stand in line, and hope you didn't miss out. Now you can just pluck up any item in stock and pick it up at the store. eBay's working with a smallish group of retailers to start, including Toys R' Us, but they expect (hope) for more to come.

eBay's working on some other cool stuff, like a service that would match an outfit you see someone wearing to similar styles, but for now, saving you some holiday shopping headaches is a pretty nice start. [CNET via Techmeme]

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Anths Wants A Wankel

That actually sounds really useful, until you remember that almost every company allows you to order right through their own Web site and either a) pick it up at the store or b) in some cases, send it to you for little or free.