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If You're Buying a New Camera, You Must Use This Website

Illustration for article titled If Youre Buying a New Camera, You Must Use This Website

Buying a new gadget is hard. We try to help as much as we can! But there are little things you need to know, like the exact size of a camera compared to another camera, before you buy. CameraSize does exactly that.


It's so smart I wish I invented it. You can see the size difference from each angle too. The only thing I'd want is a better backlog of cameras to compare to (like old cameras you're familiar with). It's like holding a camera without holding a camera! [CameraSize via PetaPixel]

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I'd settle for quick and organized access to sensor size / cropping, types manual controls, and somehow a way to measure comparable low light performance (yeah that is probably asking for too much), but I could really care less about the size comparisons when I am looking for a quality camera.