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Here's What Apple's New Glass Cube Apple Store Looks Like (OMG SOO DIFFERENT)

Illustration for article titled Heres What Apples New Glass Cube Apple Store Looks Like (OMG SOO DIFFERENT)

Here's what the newly renovated Glass Cube Apple Store on Fifth Ave in New York City looks like now. It uses only 15 panes of glass to create the cube (compared to 90 panes previously) and is held "seamlessly" together without any visible hardware. CAN YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE.


Of course you can! Well, maybe. When the two stores are side by side, it's sort of easy? Maybe not. Okay, it kind of looks the same. Whatever. The new design isn't sullied by metal fasteners nor are there as many breaks in the glass. Seamless! Amazeballs!


To be honest, I kind of prefer the look of the old glass cube store—it sparkled instead of being invisible like the new one. The metal rods outlining the store (which have now disappeared) also made for a minimalist mini-moat of sorts too. See more pictures of the new seamless Glass Cube at MacRumors. [MacRumors]

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I don't want to be in there at an earthquake, no matter how well they say it's been built.