Report: Self-Checkout Coming to an Apple Store Near You

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The next time you drop by the Apple Store to pick up a spare charger, you might not need to talk to a single blue-shirted Apple peon. Several reports indicate that self-checkout is coming to the Apple Store app.

According to one source, a November 3rd update to the Apple Store app will allow retail store customers to check themselves out on purchases of shelved accessories. After completing a purchase inside the app, customers will receive a receipt that they can show as proof of purchase. As for shiny new MacBook Pros, you'll still need a sales associate. [MacRumors and Heylookitseric; Image: Shutterstock]

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I would love this. Checking out now is such a cluster fuck. Which executive said "What if customers had to navigate a sea of chaos to check out?" and everyone else was like "yes!"

No matter which employee wearing a blue shirt (that is 3 sizes too small for them) that I approach, they never seem to be someone who is currently able to check me out.