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Flashing GIFs of Microwaved Food Are the Internet's Newest Glory

Illustration for article titled Flashing GIFs of Microwaved Food Are the Internets Newest Glory

This is getting too easy. Do you like tasty food? Butter? Candy? Yes? Yes, of course. Do you like spastic, flashing GIFs? If not, leave and don't come back. What about microwave radiation? Yes, God yes. Combine them, internet. Behold:

Microwhat is a website of GIFs, each one showing a rapidly flashing transition between pre and post-melted foodstuffs. And soap.


Some simply melt. Some merge—two peanut butter cups caught in reverse mitosis. It makes you stop, closing your eyes against the startling GIF rapidity, and contemplate your own lot for a bit. Before and after. Before and after. Butter melted. Butter still. Burnt corn. A pool of molten gummy bears. The men who gave their lives to create the internet smiled upon death because they foresaw this bounty. [Microwhat via Laughing Squid]


Click to expand that ol' GIF up there so that it doesn't look shitty and broken.

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Dr. Clockwork

Gif failure.