Confused Black Keys Fans Wondering Why Microsoft Windows Store Is Hanging Around Their Free Concert

So there was a wildly successful Black Keys concert in Seattle the other day featuring some Microsoft products. Or was it a Microsoft Windows store launch featuring the Black Keys? Did people even know Microsoft was involved?


I kid Microsoft, really I do, but when people are camping outside your new store on launch day and they are doing it solely because of the band and your retail experience isn't even a blip on the radar something is slightly amiss, right? I mean, these events should excite people about the products and get that branding stuck in their heads, not serve as an easy way to see a free blue concert.

As TechCrunch rightly notes, Microsoft products are undeniably everywhere. Entire corporations depend on Outlook, Excel and Power Point (and more) to make things run. If these products suddenly disappeared, businesses would collapse catastrophically. But, when it comes to marketing, the company falls flat more often than not.

Without a free Black Keys concert, for example, do you really think anyone in Seattle would have noticed this new store at all? [TechCrunch]


These stores are such a blatant rip-off of Apple, I don't know how MS people can't but be embarrassed by them. From their aesthetics to the same color t-shirts and badges, its just embarrassing. MS has no pride. They showed some pride in WP7, which is unique and not a me-too clone, why not on the retail side too?