This Sucks: Sprint Just Killed Unlimited 4G Data for Hotspots

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Last month, Sprint nixed unlimited data for tethering customers. Now it's capping data for its mobile hotspot users, without grandfathering in current unlimited plans. If you have the option coverage-wise, there's basically no reason to pick Sprint's hotspots over Verizon's now.


Verizon's 4G murders Sprint's on speed, in our tests and others'. The major reason to pick Sprint over Verizon—if you had the option of Verizon's 4G in your area and had a choice to make, anyway—was for the unlimited data. Now that's gone.

Sprint's plans now cost $45 for 3GB, $60 for 5GB, and $90 for 10GB of combined 3G/4G data. Each additional MB will cost 5 cents. (They used to run at 3GB, 5GB and 10GB of 3G data, with unlimited 4G for all of the plans.) That cuts your value exponentially, if you were using the 4G liberally. (Oh, and it's pretty crummy Sprint's changing the game on people who've already signed up for service with the expectation of unlimited data.)

Meanwhile, Verizon's LTE hotspots are significantly faster, run at $50 for 5GB per month or 10GB per month for $80, and $10 per additional GB, and don't leave you much reason at all to stick around on Sprint.

Sprint's slow pullback of unlimited data leaves from everything but phones raises a few questions: Are they trying to ease congestion on their network? Is unlimited data no longer sustainable? If not, how long will it last for phones, too? Is truly unlimited data near its end in the US? [Sprint via Ubergizmo]


Did not agree just bc i clicked

I had Sprint for many years, and used to pay $5 for unlimited data before the iPhone came out. Had 4 lines for 2 of us. When I moved to FL, we had no service, plus they raised the price of one of the fees they used to pay but started passing on to customers. Both are valid reasons to cancel without ETF. Sprint wouldn't cancel my contract despite spending hours on the phone, sending in registered certified mail canceling and stating that they are violating the law by not canceling. I sent in my letters of cancellation and left it at that. They sicced collection agency after agency on me, all of whom stopped trying to collect after receiving the documentation that I had canceled and that they were violating the law by refusing to cancel without ETF. Had every credit agent notation from them removed legally. Years later, I took Dan Hesse up on his commercial offer to let them know what they do wrong and called them, spoke to his admin and was told that I still owed the charges they'd never taken off their system. I called to tell them how badly a former customer for almost 10 years with 4 lines was treated, expecting an apology. Instead they sicced another collection agency on me which posted a negative on my credit report. I had the credit notations removed and sent letters to the collection agency, told them if they tried it again I would be happy to sue them. They violated several laws with regard to posting negative credit info for a disputed charge. The collection agency ceased all activity and I haven't heard from them since.

For what it's worth I own 2 brand new cars, my own home, have another address in another state, and have plenty of assets. Sprint has been horrible for many years and screwing customers over is what they've become good at. The only people who even can bother with service with them are those who live and work near their cell towers, usually those in urban areas where they build up their networks.

They've lost court cases based on charging customers ETFs where they shouldn't have also.