Is Google Going To Conquer The World With Google +?

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Google Co-founder and CEO Larry Page spoke candidly about the future of Google during the company's recent earnings conference call. Page wants to make Google's products more social and the best way to do that is through Google +.


Page said this about his idea of the new social Google which, ironically, sounds a lot like Facebook,

"This means baking identity and sharing into all of our products so that we build a real relationship with our users. Sharing on the web will be like sharing in real life across all your stuff. You'll have better, more relevant search results and ads"

To achieve this, Google would have to put Google + at the center of its existence and rebuild its other products around it. It's sounds radical, but that's precisely what Google is going to do. Page said "we shipped the 'Plus', and now we're going to ship the Google part. "

It's a gamble to build your core business on a social network that's a few months old and only has 40 million users. Let's hope this doesn't blow up in Google's face. [PC World]


i certainly think they're capable of it if they're serious. they've taken out incumbents before. started with search, then email, maps/navigation, phone OS... yeah. No reason why Facebook won't drop to the wayside within a few years like Myspace, Xanga, or whatever other old networking sites from last decade.