Samsung's Galaxy Tablets Infringe On Apple's Patents Says US Judge

Illustration for article titled Samsung's Galaxy Tablets Infringe On Apple's Patents Says US Judge

A US judge agreed with Apple's claim that Samsung's Galaxy tablets infringe on their iPad-related patents. According to Reuters, this comment was made as part of an injunction request by Apple.


District Judge Lucy Koh stopped short of granting Apple an injunction that bans the sale of the Galaxy tablet in the US. She believed Apple's one utility patent was not grounds for an injunction, but will consider the possibility of an injunction based on Apple's three design patents. It will be up to Apple to prove that these patents are valid and that Samsung has infringed upon them. A formal order will issued "fairly promptly" she said.

This may not be the outcome Samsung wanted, but it's better than an earlier ruling in Australia. On Thursday morning, an Australian judge granted Apple an interim injunction that'll ban the sale of the Galaxy Tab. This injunction will remain in place while the judge considers the issue of infringement. [Reuters and CNET]


To all you people who can't see that Samsung is deliberately going out of their way to copy Apple, get off the Internet. If you're that stuck in hating Apple or whatever your problem is that you can't see this, then you're forcing yourself to believe a lie.

Like, zomg guys!!!11!! It's they're totally both rectangular and like totally have a screen!! Appple is such a troll >:(

Yes, guys, screens are generally square. If you can't see all the details in with this and a lot of their accessories, then it'd probably be safe to say you're not good at matching your clothes in the morning, either.