Your Very Own On-Demand Rent-A-Sub

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Whether you're racing a Nymph through the Caribbean or trolling the bottom of Michigan's Torch Lake for those keys you dropped, a submarine is a must. Although, unless you're Larry Ellison, owning one is right out. But chartering one isn't, and that's exactly what U-Boat Worx is offering.


The newly launched fleet offers subs in either two-seat "C-Explorer" or three-seat "C-Quester" variations (thought the trained pilot does take up one). These subs both feature a 360 degree view through the acrylic hull and can dive as deeply as 100 meters (330 feet). The five-seat, 300-meter-diving C-Explorer will enter service later this year. All of them can stay under for eight hours at a time (with up to 96 hours of emergency life support).

For the €75,000 price tag of a one month charter, U-Boat Worx will transport the sub to and from their workshop in Norway anywhere in the world—including support staff (dive and surface officers), insurance, and parts. They'll even create an itinerary if you've hired them for an underwater sightseeing gig.

Now, in the off chance that you are Larry Ellison (in which case, hello and thanks for reading Gizmodo) you can buy any model they make—including their one-seat variation of the C-Explorer—or have them build you a custom super-deep-diving mini-sub of your very own. [U-Boat Worx via Mobile Mag]

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Gawwwd - I can hear the acrylic hull creaking as my small submarine plunges to untested depths, then a razor-sharp high-pressure spray of water entering through a crack, cutting through my arm...

I'd love to try this, but the idea of being on a submarine gives me sweaty palms.