What Was Your First Mac?

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It's a question Mac users ask one another to break the ice. Today it's taking on a whole different meaning. We can't all of have known Steve Jobs personally, but we know his work. For me, that body of work changed my life.


My first Mac was the Performa 6110 CD. The 60Mhz powerhouse was outfitted with 12MB of RAM and I felt like I owned the world. I bought it second hand from a friend for $1200. I'm pretty sure I still owe that guy some money. I originally bought it to become a developer. I had no developer experience and once I started studying the various languages, my eyes would glaze over, I'd get bored and I'd start designing flyers for my friend's band. Those flyers lead me to design school. Then film school. And finally, writing.

The Mac was the tool that allowed me to put down on paper what I had in my head. I wasn't interested in building a Windows machine, I was interested in creating art and the Mac delivered. It was, and continues to be, my palette.

What was your first Mac? Let us know in the comments.

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Sam Biddle

Performa 6400. I used to play the hell out of Escape Velocity. I remember searching for porn for the first time ever, too. Probably used Alta Vista or something. On dialup! It was thrilling to have the "family computer" in my bedroom as a little kid—the first time I shared a space with a piece of electronics. Now I usually wake up with my iPhone under my head or something.