T-Mobile's Daily Pay As You Go Plan Will Be the Best Phone Plan for People Traveling to the US

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TmoNews just got leaked info about T-Mobile's new pay as you go plans and it confirms the new $60 'unlimited' plan (up to 2GB of data). That's okay. What's more exciting is the daily pay as you go plan and the new $30 unlimited web and text plan.


The daily plans are especially good for travelers who come to the US. It's $1/day for unlimited text, $2/day for unlimited talk, text and 2G data and $3/day for unlimited talk, text and data. I signed up for a plan very similar to this when I travelled to Australia and it's completely painless. Just tell 'em how many days you're going to be here and they'll hook you up with a plan that'll cover you for the duration of your trip and not tied to a contract. No stressing out, no worrying. I imagine it'll be just as easy for people traveling to the US too. If you're a foreigner, start with T-Mobile if you want a pay as you go plan.

What's also super interesting is this new Wal-Mart tied $30 unlimited web and text plan that's set to launch on October 16th. It only comes with 100 voice minutes but for those who don't really talk on the phone much, this is the dream of a data only plan realized. The plans are all expected to become available on T-Mobile on October 16th. [TmoNews]

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A friend of mine wants to get a new iPhone but she wants unlimited and thinks Sprint is too much. Yeah Tmobile throttles you, but they throttle you from 4G down to 3G no? so why not get the $60 unlimited plan with one of their phones they allow on this (Samsung Galaxy S for $350 with out contract) rather than a $300 iPhone on 2 year contract and $100 a month unlimited Spring plan? I couldn't give my friend an answer not to do that...can you guys?