Everything Apple Didn't Talk About Today

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Apple may have talked about some new stuff today, but there are plenty of things it said nary a word about. Facebook apps? Sprint iPads? Resolving multiple Apple IDs and MobileMe accounts? C'mon!

Facebook App for iPad

Seriously, WTF is stopping Facebook from releasing this thing. Their full site sucks in Mobile Safari. Their touch site sucks in Mobile Safari. The scaled up iPhone app looks like shit, but it's somehow infinitely more functional. I thought they would use one of the biggest tech events of the year to gift upon us what they withheld at f8. Nope.


iCloud/iTunes Account Merging

Negotiating between iCloud and iTunes logins in iOS is awkward to say the least. It's almost impossible to tell what apps use what logins. Which Apple ID do I use, since Apple made me create a whole new one when I signed up for MobileMe? Why do I have two logins? Why didn't Apple save us from this?


iMessage, iChat and Facetime are an overlapping mess of communication. I secretly hoped Apple would just fold the Facetime platform into the iMessage and iChat apps. I also kind of wish iMessage gained the power of AIM/Gchat/Facebook chat. Or at least get integrated into iChat. But alas, I was left hanging like a hopeful bride at the altar.


Sprint iPad

Apple is now in bed with Sprint. As a Sprint customer, I'm very happy about this! But you'd think that Apple and Sprint would want to coronate their big announcment with a parade of announcements, and not just a vague announcement about the iPhone 4S. Like that rumored Sprint iPad. What exactly are Sprint iPhone data plans going to look like? Sprint wouldn't tell us, but we hope they're still unlimited.


Thunderbolt Functionality

Apple has this awesome new data transfer standard called Thunderbolt (aka LightPeak). And I know they're all about wireless sync with iOS 5, but sometimes you need to transfer large chunks of data in a hurry. I just wish their new iOS devices supported the fastest port on their new machines.


Oh, also...

No NFC? It's not an absolute dealbreaker, but there are some fun things you can do with that little RFID chip. Just look at what Google and HP did.


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I don't know about those who were actually there, but the live blog was just bloody boring. Nothing really jumped out as like "Man, should I rethink not ever getting an Apple product?"

Is watching the video of the keynote any better?