Watch a Beetle Kill a Frog

Seriously, watch. It's out of this world. The Epomis beetle can beat the laws of nature and actually kill a frog that's much, much bigger than it. Even more, the Epomis beetle's larvae can do the same—with an almost 100% success rate.

The larvae of the Epomis Beetle astutely tease the frog by performing "a dazzling dance to lure large prey to their doom." Basically, the closer the frog moved toward the beetle larva, the more the larva would try to move to try and attract the frog's attention. The frog thinks its in a position of power but they're only getting fooled. Entomologist Gil Wizen of the University of Toronto says:

"Amphibians hunt by movement. They'll generally go after anything that's small, moving, and within their reach."

But when the frog tries to eat the larvae with its tongue, the larva dodges the tongue and then latches onto the frog's skin, sucking it dry until it dies. In witnessing 420 frog vs larva battles, Wizen has never seen a frog kill a larva. You do it for the little people Epomis beetle larva. [Wired]

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I'd like to see an Epomis beetle try that sh*t with Chuck Norris.