Noted Literary Dunce Ayn Rand Finally Goes Interactive with Atlas Shrugged App

That pretentious kid from high school/college/life who cited Ayn Rand quotes about the glory of self-interest and the triumph of the free market, despite being kind of a broke-ass loser? He's about to start masturbating: Atlas Shrugged, the app.

Now, the sterile prose and pseudo-philosophy of Ayn Rand can accompany you to the beach, or on the bus! The $15 iPad version contains the full unabridged text, with lots of talk about skyscrapers and stoic men and whatnot, along with audio and video recordings of Ayn Rand herself, should you need to perform an enhanced interrogation on someone. But what would Ayn Rand think about carrier-subsidized tablet prices? [iTunes via MediaBistro]


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